Trying to conceive

There are certain situations in life that can lead us into a hole of darkness that is so deep, we can’t even imagine ever
Don't be afraid to seek medical assistance. There are many different reasons parents experience secondary infertility, but
One of the first choices that all patients have to make is where to seek infertility care. It's a critical decision as practice patterns, treatment strategies, and technology used can vary greatly from one practice to another.
Getting or staying pregnant is not easy for everyone -- for some, it can take time and money. While you might not be thinking of having kids right now, having a conversation with a physician about fertility while still in your early 30s could provide benefit later on.
Whether you're in the thick of it, or it's in the rear view mirror; whether you struggle for months or years -- infertility is nothing if not a learning experience.
It's my hope that this year, instead of just writing a post on my own infertility blog, I can sincerely educate the public and ask if we can all compromise. That way, NIAW wouldn't be just one week - it would be yearlong... maybe even lifelong.
I cried for the baby I didn't know I wanted, for the baby I might not be able to have. I cried for my only child and my sick husband and myself. I cried because it wasn't fair and I didn't understand.
You've been diagnosed with infertility. You're scared, anxious and confused. I get it. You feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Who wouldn't? Take a deep breath, buckle up and remember that you are in the driver's seat, even though it may not always feel that way.
Oh, and to all those strangers who come up to me and ask if my twins are "real" or "natural"- they sure are. And for all
Given the age of technology that we all live in, it seems only natural to get online and look for immediate answers to all