All that aside, there has been a remarkable increase in regional projects, accompanied by high levels of economic interdependence
In a report released last month, the WTO noted that between mid-October of 2015 and May of 2016, G20 economies had introduced
The American left's admiration for the Nordic societies is legitimate but somewhat misconstrued. It's about free markets, not big state. This is an important point that warrants closer attention in the middle of the U.S. presidential campaign.
2016 is the best opportunity we have to move away from a high-emissions trade model and toward trade policies that support
After tens of thousands of people once more took to the streets of Europe to protest secret trade deals this week, the EU faces a critical moment tomorrow (Friday).
A review of Philippe Le Corre and Alain Sepulchre's new book China's Offensive in Europe That is not to say that China's
The UK was key to the worst elements of TTIP. Now the British people must ensure we never see its like again.
From the salmon-spawning waters of Alaska to the cloud forests of Ecuador, communities are standing up to mining projects
A little-known fact, however, is that while ExxonMobil was misleading the public about climate disruption, it was also using trade rules to increase its power, to bolster its profits, and to actively hamper climate action.
The day before Obama visited Hannover to make a renewed push for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) thousands of people took to the streets of the German city to take part in a pre-emptive protest against the deal.
The TPP negotiations took place in a secret process dominated by the giant multinational corporations, and the final agreement is waiting to be approved or rejected by Congress - probably during the "lame duck" session, because that is when members are least likely to be held accountable for their votes.
The latest leak of documents related to an ongoing trade negotiation, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), provides an opportunity for an honest assessment of the question of how modern trade agreements affect domestic regulation.
The environmental activist group said the TTIP negotiation docs showed a loosening of food safety and environmental standards.
"Contribute to growth and job creation in Denmark". That's how the first sentence begin in the performance contract I signed before going to Washington as Denmark's new ambassador to the United States.
For the first time in a long time, both major party nominees for the U.S. Presidential election are opposed to free trade
Why trade and why now? Not since the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1995 has international trade received as much public attention as we have observed over the past several months.
For better or worse, TPP and TTIP could redefine global trade in the 21st century. At the moment, a Latin America perspective is largely lacking in the negotiation process; in TTIP, it is excluded by definition.
This week, the EC, which secretly negotiates all of the trade deals for Europe, announced that it's agreed with Canada to
MOSCOW -- The era that began with the end of the Second World War is now over. That period was characterized by a relatively orderly and stable system of confrontation. In fact, the end of the Cold War did not mean the emergence of a new order. There was a hope that the main centers of power would establish relations based largely on cooperation. Instead, an attempt was made to build a unipolar world, which predictably failed. To all appearances, the world is now being swept by a wave of turbulence and fierce competition, if not a struggle of all against all.