The world's top infectious killer finally got a spot on the world's stage, but experts say more political will and accountability are needed to make a dent in fighting the disease.
A high-level U.N. meeting next week may jolt efforts to fight the treatable, curable disease.
In a growing trend, the U.S. finds itself alone in a fight over a proposed U.N. declaration -- this time on tuberculosis.
The political will needed to end tuberculosis -- the world's top infectious killer -- may have arrived.
The treatable and curable disease is on the rise in New York City, and an alarming number of latent cases are lurking.
Global health experts consider Modi's commitment to stop tuberculosis to be a game-changer.
“Sometimes the whole place smells of petrol. What choice do we have?”
The Russian leader's influence could signal a turning point in the fight against the world's top infectious killer.
There is finally a new awakening to tackle this ancient plague.
Tuberculosis -- a treatable, curable disease -- kills approximately three people a minute.
The global political will to fight tuberculosis is snowballing.
Two dominant tuberculosis antigens absent in BCG and present in MTBVAC are essential for better protection against tuberculosis
Tuberculosis finally got some high-level political attention in this year's G-20 Leaders' Declaration.
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