Tucson Shooting

We can all be more vigilant, too, in looking to spot the warning signs that are always present as harbingers of a rampage
With all of the noise being generated this summer by a certain presidential candidate from New York, recognition of a worthy story has been lost in the din. That story is the heroism of two U.S. Marines killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Zaun claimed that while Iowa law prohibits members of the public from carrying dangerous weapons into the Capitol, the restrictions
With the next election 18 months away, senators who bucked 90 percent of the public on the recent vote to expand background checks for gun buyers probably think time will fade the memory for voters. But if anything, it's energized the overwhelming majority that favors more controls.
Roxanna Green never imagined a life in the public eye but when her 9-year-old daughter, Christina-Taylor, was killed on that fateful day in Tucson, Arizona, she became a voice for gun control. She recently returned from Washington, D. C., disappointed, disgusted but not surprised.
Tucson Shooting Hero Screams 'Shame On You' After Background Checks Vote
Is the issue of government interference, fear of the NRA, or the possibility of a tedious Republican filibuster really as important as a life?
"Our hypothesis is that criminals have no intention of dying in your hallway," he added. Giffords and husband Mark Kelly
I come from a long line of military vets and war heroes. I am no stranger to the concept of baring arms, fighting for freedom or protecting property. What is strange to me is the fact that people do not seem to respect fire arms or their purpose.
The city approved a similar measure in 2002, but the state of Arizona passed a law that overturned the city ordinance. The