Tucson Unified School District

Arizona Republicans accused teachers of stoking racial discord. But the law they passed in response may violate the Constitution.
Check out the seven books once banned from Tucson classrooms in the slideshow above. The Tucson Unified School district voted
Those books were not included in the culturally relevant courses and remain forbidden from instruction. Actress, producer
There’s no curriculum for the courses yet and the Governing Board hasn't approved them, so it’s not possible to compare the
While the long journey for equality in Tucson's schools has taken a leap forward, questions still abound over what the judicial decision means for the indisputably successful Mexican American Studies curriculum.
2013 will be the year the Mexican American Studies program returns to Tucson for good, as long as the federal courts continue to bring some sanity back to students in Arizona.
The next three days in Tucson could set the stage for one of the most important education revivals in the nation.
Few school districts in the country have received the level of national attention like Tucson's Unified School District over the past two years. Not the kind of national attention, though, sought by educators and school boards.
Literary scholar Francisco A. Lomelí singled out Suarez for his "groundbreaking, even daring" stories, which captured the complexity of life in Tucson's historic barrios.
According to census numbers, 66 percent of the Latino population in the U.S. are from Mexican descent. In NY in 1990 there
In a stunning rejection of celebrated author Ana Castillo's offer to read and speak with Tucson high school students next week, Tucson Unified School District administrators added a new chapter to the nation's most troubling censorship crackdown.
Despite this, blogger David Safier writes in BlogForArizona.com: Rep. Patterson wrote to Evans: Morales leads with his heart
While schools across the country celebrate United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez's March 31st birthday, Tucson students reassigned from the recently outlawed Mexican American Studies program will also be forced to deliberately ignore Arizona's most famous native son.
'Nuestra Palabra' has partnered up with Multicultural Education on Counseling through the Arts (MECA) a non-profit organization
The questions beg: How much lower and blatantly racist will Tucson school officials go? Will Tucson community leaders, like Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, stand by and watch the reckless measures of "demagogic extremists"?
It's cargo: books that were allegedly banned from the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). The event, called 'Librotraficante
Scholars and educators from across the country have hailed Tucson's MAS program as "the nation's most innovative and successful academic and instructional program in Ethnic Studies at the secondary school level."
The recent decision to axe an ethnic studies program in Tucson is symptomatic of a bewildering turn of events in our country.
While denying a motion for a preliminary injunction last night, U.S. Circuit Court Judge A. Wallace Tashima granted plaintiff and MAS student Korina Lopez standing in her claims on the constitutional violations of the state ban on the teaching of Ethnic Studies.