tudor dixon

Kristina Karamo, Matthew DePerno and Tudor Dixon are either running for party chair or mulling a run.
The "Late Show" host looks into Tudor Dixon's claim that some children's books are "pornographic."
A GOP candidate’s ad is going viral for the wrong reason.
Tudor Dixon, the party’s nominee for governor, had the smallest contingent of visible allies, judging by the campaign apparel that people wore to the Michigan rally.
The GOP gubernatorial nominee poked fun at Michigan's Democratic governor, who was once targeted by extremists aiming to abduct her.
Michigan candidate Tudor Dixon has said she would not support legal abortion for a hypothetical 14-year-old rape survivor.
Trump-endorsed Tudor Dixon ultimately won, but Kelley briefly surged in the race — after his arrest.
The business owner and conservative commentator surged late in the GOP primary and was helped by Donald Trump's endorsement.
Tudor Dixon, a leading Republican candidate for Michigan governor, said she supports a strict abortion ban.