I dislike the term "mansplaining" as much as I hate the action, and I therefore wish I didn't encounter so many reasons recently to use it in life and on the internet.
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Before my husband retired, I worried about what would happen after 40 years of high-intensity medical practice at a relentless pace. But he longed for retirement. He'd been on the front lines, as he called it, for over 40 years, and he was exhausted.
And I promptly forgot him. It was the friend who had been on the rooftop party. The one who had brought along the apparent
Releasing an entire season of TV all at once sounds great on paper. You don't have to wait week after week for the next episode. You can see it all in a row, as a long story, rather than be tortured by trying to figure out what's going to happen next.
No matter how tactfully you approach the conversation, some won't have a willingness to talk politics. And you know what? That's just fine. I've noticed that people who don't want to have political conversations often are the ones who can't do so without taking the conversation beyond the point of no return.
"I text so much," one student said. "Sometimes it's just easier to send someone a smile and a thumbs up when I get what they're
Society has finally caught up with the fact that women are no less sexy after we've made babies, and I've finally gotten confident enough to see my strengths instead of obsessing over my weaknesses. It's the era of "hot moms" (a ridiculous phrase that I hate), and I'm letting myself enjoy it.
There are stark differences between my older brother and myself: he's an evangelical preacher at a rural megachurch who relaxes by bowhunting deer. I'm a tofu-consuming socialist who believes that we really have no way of knowing what's "out there."
In his 10 years, my son has turned me into a woman with an understanding of actual Game. I have become something I hardly recognize: Soccer mom. Basketball mom. A Mother of Game.