Tuesday's Children

The number of celebrities with charities is endless. Everyone has a cause. But how many of them actually can relate to the cause they represent? That's the better question.
Tuesday’s Children was established to address the changing needs of kids who lost parents on Sept. 11 by providing mentoring
In the 12 years since the tragic World Trade Center attacks, a number of organizations have committed their missions to meaningfully
"It's a microcosm of what happened in 9/11. For anybody in the Newtown community, first responders or anyone in the schools
My father, Bob Parks, worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and died in the World Trade Center attacks. There is never a convenient or easy time to talk about such a life-altering event. But, to omit such an important component of my personal life would render any relationship I have unfulfilled.
My process of healing was recognizing the power of resilience -- recognizing how I can transform my experience into a sense of positive action.
Today, Tuesday's Children is one of the 1 percent of charities founded in the wake of 9/11 that still stand. Our core competency is in providing long-term support to assist in recovery.
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