tug of war

He grabbed the shotgun as it was being held inches away from his face.
Adorable tug-of-war alert! Charlie the Beagle wants to steal a bib from tiny human Laura Olivia. When the baby doesn't give
Today's political commenters often misuse the concept of "checks and balances" to refer directly to politics. This is just flat-out wrong.
Tug of War is a staple of gym class, where heavy kids are heroes and skinny kids are picked last. But its origins lie far outside the schoolyard, dating back to ancient Egyptians and Chinese competing in what was considered a royal sport.
Ringelmann showed that three men only pull as hard as two and a half men, and eight only pull as hard as four. Far from synergy, group effort creates an inverse productivity ratio.
Informed debate is a crucial part of public policy development. But the behind-the-scenes tug of war between banks and the