Tulane University

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The fliers were placed as a coordinated effort by 4chan users.
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Mental health issues can linger long after a tragedy.
You can avoid these common travel mistakes with a few simple steps during the planning process.
“He told me point blank, at point blank, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ And he shot me in the stomach," Peter Gold recalled.
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Muhammad Ali defined my assimilation as an American and growth as global citizen. He was so different that we might have expected him to go to the grave screaming of his greatness. However, we all saw a piece of ourselves in him, and his greatest character strength was that he saw in everyone he met a connection to the higher.
Don't cry for New Orleans. While it was a time to mourn the loss of a great talent, Prince, the New Orleans Jazz Fest was a confirmation and celebration of the reincarnation of the City many had written off as dead a decade earlier.
Trump has had numerous bites at the apple, and his American dream has been resurrected on more than one occasion -- but then enough money can allow you to leave football leagues, hotels, casinos and Trump University in the junk yard of memories.
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To express the importance of drawing by hand, architect Jake Brillhart followed in Le Corbusier's footsteps. Literally.
I found myself looking for modern day philosophers whose style and teachings I could adapt and apply more easily in my own life. And by being the right place at the right time, these great minds appeared -- Amy Schumer and Maya Rudolph.
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As part of their commitment to producing a season of works by female playwrights, the Shotgun Players recently unveiled a new production of Caryl Churchill's 1982 dramedy entitled Top Girls. The action takes place during the era of Margaret Thatcher's ascent to power in the United Kingdom.
Gone are the days of Cronkite, Rather, Brokaw, Jennings, Sawyer, and now Williams. Mark your calendars: Tuesday, February 10, 2015, ended the era of the celebrity, legacy news anchor.
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This past weekend, hundreds took to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri in continued protests, forums, and demonstrations seeking justice for Mike Brown and other victims as part of the highly organized Ferguson October weekend of civil disobedience.
Joan Rivers was, up until the very end, right at the top of her game -- sharper than a tack. And she wasn't done. Damn it.
After more than three decades on top, Madonna has never been more relevant, more powerful or more interesting than she is at this very moment. How in the world does she do it?
At Tulane especially, there’s a huge fear of outsiders. With constant crime happening in the surrounding areas, it’s easy