The man appeared to have his hands in the air before being shot.
The funeral service came one day after Betty Shelby was booked on a first degree manslaughter charge
Jackie and Dunlap on the recent police shootings and protests in Tulsa and Charlotte. http://www.redstateupdate.com Podcast
This writer has the utmost respect and appreciation for law enforcement officers and the work they do. It is selfless, thankless and dangerous work, and the criminals they face do not subscribe to such niceties as following the law.
The criticism comes at a time of renewed racial tension in the U.S.
When I saw the video from the police car and helicopter of Terence Crutcher's killing, I felt such profound grief and, yes, outrage once again.
Police departments should have a real, defined, courageous, brave, community discussion on race and class.
All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit Crutcher's four children.
She claims the classmates of Terence Crutcher's daughter had moving reactions during a group discussion.
As your white shirt turned red, I was again filled with dread. Racism left you dead. He’s “on something” they said. *** From
Black men are being shot by police officers whether they are armed or not.
In a time of rising Islamophobia and anti-Arab hate, a beloved Oklahoma man is gunned down.
This is a racial history lesson everyone should acquaint themselves with.