tulsa oklahoma

Zoomers who sabotaged Donald Trump's Tulsa,Oklahoma, rally keep rolling.
The former GOP presidential candidate was diagnosed with COVID-19 soon after attending a Trump rally in Oklahoma. He later died.
People attending the event were urged to get tested afterward. "I can’t say definitively that I got it at the rally," journalist Paul Monies said.
Agents who attended Trump's Oklahoma rally Saturday were reportedly instructed to isolate after two officers tested positive for the coronavirus.
The anti-Trump Lincoln Project targeted the president's lackluster turnout in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a Jurassic Park-inspired attack ad.
Famous last words: "Nobody's ever heard of numbers like this," lip-syncs Sarah Cooper over Donald Trump's great rally expectations.
Nigel Farage and other VIPs were flown to and from Tulsa in jets chartered by the Trump campaign for a rally that wound up drawing less than 6,200 people.
The "Last Week Tonight" host pointed out a new low in Trump's presidency.
The Lincoln Project hit Trump's "size problem" in a new video called "Shrinking."
The balloons were used to help raise funds to restore a 1905 Black church that survived the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.