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Being a Cherokee tribal citizen is "rooted in centuries of culture and laws, not through DNA," a spokeswoman for the Cherokee Nation said.
Betty Shelby's lawyer said it was important for the "smear" on her name to be removed from public view.
By the way, Oklahoma is tied for first in the nation in the percentage of children who have survived multiple ACEs, and it
In the high-dollar Oklahoma City suburbs, where students go home to $500,000 houses, all but 5 percent may have passed. In Democratic House Minority Leader Scott Inman's district and in Oklahoma City, where children go home to units where the rent is $500, the failure rate was nearly 30 percent.
These 3rd grade assessments, like the End of Instruction tests that high school students are supposed to take, apparently
If we really want to help kids, we should craft a fair and private system of performance evaluations and build a fire wall between that rubric and other statistical systems. We should then concentrate on public data systems to help schools improve.
Aaron Tuhacek is the first person in his family to get a college degree, and he did so in prison. Tuhacek, 36, received an