Khawla Ben Aïcha wants to amend sodomy laws used against gay Tunisians.
“I dedicate this victory to all Tunisian women,” Souad Abderrahim said after her landmark victory.
"You cannot imagine what animals endure," says vet.
The Medina of Tunis has over 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques and fountains.
The Brussels, Istanbul and Paris terrorism attacks on soft targets and airports are all designed to maximize fear among two target populations: citizens and tourists.
Spending the money necessary to reduce vulnerability to attack is perhaps the greatest challenge facing developed country
Arab media aren't facing up to their responsibility of not fanning the flames of hate speech and sedition, and should exert more effort to mitigate conflicts they help provoke.
Few would dispute the significant advances Tunisians have made towards democratization since escaping Ben Ali's dictatorship in 2011. But these accomplishments have remained elitist matters, viewed with apathy by the wider population.
The protests began Sunday, after a man who had lost out on a job climbed a transmission tower and was electrocuted.
"I want to reassure the Tunisian people that we will vanquish terrorism."
"I saw the bus blow up. There were bodies and blood everywhere."
Daesh used brutality and fear as a form of seduction, appealing to a sense of individualism while glamorizing death and martyrdom.
“In these pieces, the cities have an austere face, nature is harsh, altered, the landscapes are scarred by the urban density
As the Tunisian elections are scheduled to take place next Sunday, political groups and parties are gearing up for a battle they described as "transformative moment" in the history of Tunisia.
The incidents reflect mounting anger and frustration among North African youth who have few if any social and economic prospects.
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Intricate inlaid ceiling (Abu-Fadil) The French protectorate over Tunisia, established in 1881, was keen on preserving the