A new study shows it’s common for women to experience involuntary paralysis during sexual assault.
About seven people were seriously hurt, including a seven-year-old boy who was trampled.
Mention Turin (Torino in Italian), and you're likely to associate the city with the car brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia
It was my idea to have an open-source connected home of the future. My scheme was accepted by brave new geeks, brilliant people, but mostly male. They gave the house, "Casa Jasmina," my name: I am grateful for that, but the house is not altogether comfortable.
Turin has long been synonymous, for better or for worse, with Fiat -- and as the home to the car manufacturer since the early 1900s, the northern Italian city has held the ignominious rap as the Detroit of Italy. But no more. Here's why it's worth a detour.
 VENARIA REALE, Italy (AP) -- Luca Remmert's dream of running a self-sustainable farm is within sight. He produces energy
"The shroud attracts towards the face and the martyred body of Jesus and at the same time pushes us towards the face of those
Italy’s former royal family, the House of Savoy, acquired the shroud in 1453. Freeman says the family “converted” the cloth
CasaJasmina from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.
"Each day, more than half the world's adult population read a daily newspaper: 2.5 billion in print and more than 800 million in digital form," according to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).
See new photos and read scintillating interviews every day on BrooklynStreetArt.com Icy & Sot. Outdoor installation in Stavanger
Bruce Sterling : Casa Jasmina from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.
The Sochi Winter Games are nearly over, but fervor is at a fever pitch (let's just say I've been Googling "where to learn bobsleigh").
With so many famous cities in Italy, sometimes Turin gets lost in the mix. It's not Rome or Florence or Venice, but Turin
Agriculture is very risky in Africa, as people may grab your land, and farmers who resist are being evicted and killed
On the one hand, contemporary art history is about the expansion of the site of art from being between one artist and his audience to being about collaboration. On the other hand, ironically, it's about a narrow focus on individuals.
"This upcoming exhibition is gonna be our first foreign exhibit that we are going to attend ourselves. We are so exited about
Piero Gilardi anticipated later movements, in seeing the aesthetic value of shared space and collaboration -- a value underpinning the open-source, Internet-based nature of tech-art today.