turing pharmaceuticals

The probation report described Shkreli’s plan as the same kind of “delusional self-aggrandizing behavior” that landed him in prison.
Daraprim, used to treat AIDS, malaria and cancer patients, once cost $13.50 a pill. Now it costs $750 a pill.
The former drug company executive was convicted in 2017 for defrauding investors.
The first-in-the-nation measure lets the state attorney general sue generic drug makers that sharply raise prices.
The first rule of the Hippocratic Oath all doctors take is, "First, do no harm." Why did Theranos, Valeant and Turing assume so much risk? They focused on the short-term at the expense of their companies, their patients and the health care industry.
I wonder how long it takes Turing Pharmaceuticals to blow through $100,000. If your testimonies at the recent congressional hearing on drug pricing are correct, then I'm guessing a Christmas party or two would take care of $100,000.
Note: Do not actually punch Martin Shkreli. Violence is wrong, and it will not make you happy.
Attention all schadenfreude enthusiasts, it's time to take a look back and see who really shined in this year's public relations blunders, bloopers and boners (trademark pending).
It's another bad day for the reviled pharma executive.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The pharmaceutical executive reviled for price-gouging resigned Friday as head of the drugmaker Turing
BBC News once called him "the most hated man in America."
Martin Shkreli was arrested by the FBI in New York and was released on a $5 million bond package.