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On Friday (April 24), Armenians worldwide will commemorate 100 years since almost 1.5 million of their ancestors died in
As a Turkish American, I whole-heartedly believe that rather than lobbying the U.S. Congress at this time of year to stop using the "G word," we should be offering different solutions and creating a new commemoration day.
As the social awakening in Turkey proceeds below the surface about the crimes of humanity at the end of the Ottoman Empire, with the immense tragedy that brutally wiped out massive proportions of its Armenian subjects from Anatolia, so do the activities to help raise the awareness.
Turkey's moral authority is undermined by the government's denial of the Armenian Genocide. Reconciling with Armenia would help consolidate Turkey's role as a regional power, as well as a force for good in the world.
A discredited Council, even if it is constitutional, is not the guardian of the Truth, and, fortunately, the decision it has just taken cannot judge in advance the outcome of a battle the historians of genocides have long since won.
Turkey dodged yet another bullet in the U.S. House of Representatives when a resolution "recognizing" the Armenian "genocide" failed to reach the floor for a vote.
ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey's prime minister has threatened to expel thousands of illegal Armenian immigrants after U.S. and
This holocaust is like a long, dark arm that continues to stretch out over the Armenian people.
Armenians on Friday marked the 94th anniversary of mass killings of their kin under the Ottoman Empire amid signs that decades
Recognizing the Armenian genocide is about more than simply saying one word. It is about creating a climate of opinion in the world that censures all genocide denial.
Read more from the Independent. Turkey accepts that many Armenians were killed during the collapse of the Ottoman empire
The Turkish government has a scandal on its hands, thanks to the reckless behavior of its ambassador in Washington, who clearly violated the academic freedom of a prominent American scholar.