turkey bombing

The attacker was also aged between 12 and 14.
Just as Paris needed our support last fall, so, too, does Turkey now. If anything, it could be argued that Turkey needs the support even more, owing to its geographic location. The West has a great deal to gain by lending the support, and even more to lose if it chooses to turn a blind eye.
Smoke could be seen rising above the city after the blast.
The car bomb attack killed 28 soldiers and civilians on Wednesday.
Wednesday's bombing is the latest in a string of attacks that have shocked the nation.
"This is the biggest human-made trauma in the history of Turkey. It’s important to support [survivors] to help them come back to life."
The cell is also believed to have been involved in the bombing of a pro-Kurdish opposition rally in the southeastern town of Diyarbakir.
Ten changes young Turkish people believe will create a better world.
The explosions happened seconds apart on Saturday as hundreds gathered for a peace rally organized by pro-Kurdish activists and civic groups.
The nation is still reeling from twin bombings that killed at least 95 people on Saturday.