turkey coup

By threatening to end Turkey's EU bid, the German chancellor just signaled to members of her constituency that they're politically expendable.
When U.S. intervention smashes established authority, even more brutal forces fill the vacuum.
Erdogan uses Turkey's religious network to expand government monitoring and gain popular support.
Once this country symbolized the possibility that Muslim culture, secularism and Western democracy could blend harmoniously, but not anymore, says Elif Shafak.
Mr. President, if you really want to fix all of America's problems, you can't afford to alienate us.
Perhaps there’s something Turkey and the West can learn from this tragedy: "the opposite of life is not death but indifference."
It is as if Akar had lost his judgment in alarming them- unless, of course, there is some other motive. Then, he is himself
These days, it is not unusual to see young Turks in the city turning to art in troubled times.