turkey election

For Erdogan, coalition government and power-sharing remains anathema. It is a concept he does not understand, grasp or accept. According to Erdogan's world view, politics remains a zero-sum game of winner-takes-all.
A new constitution could change the government into a U.S.-style presidency.
The vote comes less than five months after the president appeared to lose support in a June election.
A day of voting, protests and celebrations.
"This is a success exceeding our expectations," a party official said, acknowledging the scale of the victory was a surprise.
DIYARBAKIR, Turkey, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Turkish security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the mainly Kurdish southeastern
Turkey is a key U.S. ally in the fight against ISIS.
Turkish novelist and essayist Kaya Genc shares his thoughts on the socioeconomic challenges the country faces.
His new novel explores the personal experience of migration from the tradition-bound countryside to an ever-changing modern Istanbul.
The nation is still reeling from twin bombings that killed at least 95 people on Saturday.