turkey failed coup

The island is holding major talks to heal a divide that's lasted over four decades, but there's an elephant in the room.
“Political ideologies don’t mean anything today,” said one Turkish man. “We are here for our nation.”
Many masks have slipped since Turkey's failed military coup last Friday, such that a great many on the right and the left alike, who never tire of eulogising about democracy and human rights, the masses, and people power have been exposed as little more than pseudo-liberals and fake democrats.
MENEMEN DISTRICT, Turkey -- Everyone I spoke to had different reasons to celebrate or mourn the failure of the coup. Yet they all agreed on one thing: There is one person that the coup attempt will benefit the most, and that is President Erdoğan.
ISTANBUL -- Not showing any empathy with the people on the street is the greatest way of not understanding what goes on in Turkey these days.
ISTANBUL -- The only way to rouse Turkey's democracy from its slumber is to fight to re-enshrine the universal principles of the rule of law, freedom of the press and individual freedom -- however distant that goal may look now.