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"We have become a society of anger, paranoia [and] intimidation. And artists, writers, academics -- people who have been trying to build bridges so as to promote coexistence and peace -- know that they have lost big time."
A protester kicks a tear gas canister during clashes with riot police during a May Day rally near Taksim Square in Istanbul
The DHKP-C said on its website that the hostage-taking was in revenge for Elvan, whose death a year ago prompted renewed
ELECTIONS At a "Newroz" event two years ago, Ocalan, jailed since 1999 on an island near Istanbul, declared a ceasefire and
"Despite all these massacres, despite the use of chemical weapons that crossed the red line, if you still shake the hand
By Humeyra Pamuk The man speaks both English and Arabic in the four minute-long video and his face is visible at several
In thousands of devastating tweets, women in Turkey are sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse in the wake
Cafes, hotels and former Sufi lodges reinvented as tourist attractions, like the one in Galata, have all cashed in on the
A Turkish newspaper which reproduced part of the magazine is currently being investigated by prosecutors. Speaking at a businessmen's
The AKP does not aspire to be a model for the Islamic world; it aspires to be its leader -- a duty which includes safeguarding the interests of the nearly 20 million Muslims living in Europe. In Erdoğan's view, it is the EU which must accommodate itself to Turkey, not vice versa. Erdoğan is saying to the West: If you want my help in the Middle East, then we'll play by my rules.
Erdogan blames the scandal on supporters of his former ally, U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. The government reacted with
"No one has a right to insult our religion," Gokcek wrote on Twitter, and posted the original photo. Standing or laying shoes
Erdogan must be made to understand that if his increasingly authoritarian and benighted regime, one that strays ever farther from the secular foundations of Kemalism, is to preserve its chance to forge the economic partnerships with Europe, that chance passes through Kobani and its defense: That chance depends on the aid delivered to the heroines and the heroes of the beleaguered city.
Booms of artillery and bursts of machinegun fire echoed across the border, and at least two shells hit a vineyard on the
The 77-year-old pope’s predecessor at the Holy See — Benedict XVI — visited Turkey in 2006 and made what was only the second
With Syria's war well into its third year, another depressing marker has been crossed - now more than 3 million men, women
The new government takes office at a challenging time for Turkey, with economic growth - one of the pillars on which the
We live a world with an ever-increasing global peer review. Material or moral superiority of the West is no longer a foregone conclusion. The quicker the West sheds the illusion of the default superiority, the faster all of us can start the essential work of making liberal values relevant and compelling in a post-western world. In other words, Turkey has an Erdoğan problem, but all of us have a larger liberalism problem. This conundrum is relevant beyond Turkey. Rwanda's Paul Kagame, Hungary's Viktor Orbán and India's Narendra Modi may be manifestations of a similar phenomenon. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the liberal West told the rest of the world: "Be like us to become rich" while the 21st century is producing many illiberal ways to enrich societies.
'HISTORICAL TIES' Mosul's Christian community is one of the world's oldest, tracing its roots back two millennia. The caliphate