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"We have become a society of anger, paranoia [and] intimidation. And artists, writers, academics -- people who have been trying to build bridges so as to promote coexistence and peace -- know that they have lost big time."
Critics say President Tayyip Erdogan and the government have become more authoritarian in the buildup to June elections. Istanbul
DHKP-C sympathizers clashed with police in two Istanbul neighborhoods overnight, local media reported. Counter-terrorism
In unusually direct criticism, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc accused Erdogan of being "emotional" and of meddling in
Speaking at an AK Party meeting in Ankara, Davutoglu said voices in the West which say there is a need to negotiate with
Footage apparently shot on a mobile phone and released by broadcaster A Haber on its website, shows a man helping three girls
The campaign follows a string of high-profile murders that have galvanized women's rights advocates in Turkey. Aslan's death
“It’s very spiritual and I felt like you could get a glimpse of this ceremony that might have otherwise been private,” she
"This is not and should not become an issue, because there's lots still to do, there's other people that we need to track