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The president took a jab at Democrats while carrying out the Thanksgiving tradition.
Trump's pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey provided "The Tonight Show" host with a flock of comic fodder.
President Obama has pardoned his final turkey!
President Obama has pardoned his final turkey!
Obama Jokes While Pardoning His 7th ThanksgivingTurkey
The holidays can be rough for those of us who care about animals that are not traditionally thought of as pets. Thanks to my little turkey rescue tradition, Thanksgiving is a time when I get to share with the world how delightful turkeys can be if they are given a chance.
A GOP staffer has been forced to resign after launching a verbal assault on Malia and Sasha Obama in the wake of their appearance at their father’s annual turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House.
Lauten later apologized for rushing to judgment on Facebook. "I reacted to an article and quickly judged the two young ladies
It's a presidential tradition to "pardon" a turkey on the eve of every Thanksgiving -- and now we know where the lucky birds go to retire.
This story was first published in 2012 and again in 2013. Those symbolic pardons may make the turkey eaters among us feel
They like to "wander around the pen like an old married couple," says Davenport. She is, however, excited for the new arrivals
Despite President Obama's turkey pardon speech urging "compassion for those in need," his presidency has been marked by a dearth of compassion and mercy for those serving long sentences for minor drug crimes.
What gives? Our resident Daily Refried psychologist says it's a rather straightforward answer.
While the stunt makes every effort to indicate that turkey farming is a humane industry, the reality is not what we'd like to believe.
President Obama Officiates Officiates Pardoning At White House