A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the plague of one-word titled shows that have infested the broadcast networks. The
AMC's dramatic Revolutionary War series, "Turn," premieres on Sunday. Set in 1778, the show is based on the book "Washington
Based on a true story, "Turn" stars Jamie Bell (far left) as Abraham Woodhull, a farmer living behind enemy lines in British
This is odd: There haven’t been that many movies and TV shows about the American Revolution. AMC’s Turn showrunner Craig
AMC's official description of the show reads: As one of two new dramas scheduled to hit AMC in 2014 -- the other, "Halt and
The pilot is being scripted by Jason Katims, the man behind the critically acclaimed adaptations of "Friday Night Lights
But while traditional media companies will continue to actively resist this move for their traditional inventory, they will