turner prize

The art is inspired by a cheeky door proposal for a Manhattan apartment building back in 1972.
The nominees include Anthea Hamilton, Helen Marten and Josephine Pryde.
When the London-based collective Assemble were named winners of the 31st Turner Prize, the UK media did not really know what to do with it.
And the Turner Prize goes to... Assemble!
For Bonnie Camplin, these questions are funneled into a multimedia work that encourages viewers to confront and critique
The four nominees for the 30th anniversary edition of the Turner Prize, the UK's most prestigious prize for artists under
Laure Prouvost, surprised many by taking home the prestigious prize with her moving piece Wantee, which weaves together a fictional narrative about her grandfather's relationship with artist Kurt Schwitters.
Installation artist Laure Prouvost has won this year's Turner Prize for her piece Wantee, which takes the audience in search
The prize-winning piece centered around the relationship between reality and escape, the personal and the cultural -- a theme
UPDATE: Elizabeth Price has won the Turner Prize! See how it went down here. Performers take part in Spartacus Chetwynd's
Diana, Mark Wallinger, 2012© The artist, courtesy of Anthony Reynolds Gallery. Photograph, The National Gallery, London "Diana
In the early 90s, you stopped making art. When you met artist Sarah Lucas, you started making art again. Can you tell us
The piece, entitled "Sacrilege," toys with the worldwide recognition of the architectural icon. The artist told The Guardian
Would you say you prefer street or graffiti art to art displayed in a gallery or a museum? I would not distinguish between
In what looks like a large-scale version of the artist's very own dining room, the space is adorned with colorful murals
Titian was exalted for his mastery of color and the luminosity of his works. His flesh glowed, his figures danced. The 16th
Martin Boyce Wins the Turner Prize Boyce, 44, walked away with £25,000. Upon his win he commented: "It's amazing, I'm shocked