The state is seeing record turnout as Democrats Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock seek to unseat Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.
The effects of the post-2010 redistricting have been dramatic. Until 2010 Ohio Congressional districts were roughly evenly
When Democrats aren't feeling the Bern, they aren't showing up.
Research shows that campaigns that directly contact young people boost youth turnout. Knocking on young people's doors to talk about an election increases their turnout by about 25 percent.
The primary season officially gets underway tonight, as Iowa voters brave the winter weather and head to the caucuses. This will give political wonks some actual hard data to discuss, instead of just opinion polling and sheer speculation, so it's a big day on the political calendar for us.
At this point, both races are so close in Iowa that nobody really knows what will happen next Monday night. Will the polls turn out to be correct? Nobody knows. Will enthusiasm trump (pun intended) longtime voter turnout?
New evidence suggests that differences in legislature structure at the state level have important implications for representation.
President Barack Obama acknowledged the matter in a press conference on Wednesday, saying, "To the two-thirds of voters who
he fight against inequality will be a long one, but the first step is turning out to vote -- the most radical step one can take in our country is actually believing democracy is more than just an idea.
Does it matter that the wealthy turnout to vote at a rate of almost 99% while those making below $10,000 vote at a rate of 49%? It sure seems like it would, but for a long time many political scientists and journalists believed it didn't.
How is it that two states with such important primary campaigns in which large amounts of money were spent failed to attract more voters? How much are campaigns spending to get voters to the polls these days?
Congress is now doing what it normally does, in an election year. This is not intended to sound cynical, as I actually think it is a good thing for a divided Congress to stand up for its divided beliefs -- even while knowing that almost none of the bills it now votes on have a prayer of becoming law before the election.
Republicans won in Florida's 13th district special congressional election on Tuesday. What does this mean?
Three months into 2013 and a total of 30 states are pushing 55 new laws to restrict voter access. These ideas range from reducing the days that polls are open for early voting to requiring specific types of identification, purging voter rolls, and eliminating Election Day registrations and some Sunday voting.
The graphic above, created by CIRCLE, tracks youth "enthusiasm" over the past five presidential elections, coupled with youth