It may sound odd, but lubricant is vital to ensuring this sea turtle survives its trip back to the ocean.
Technically, our tale starts in the summer, but turtles are slow-shuffling creatures so it makes sense that everything has come to a head in the dead of this winter of our discontented spring.
"It’s one of the weirdest turtles that ever lived."
Ever wonder how a turtle sees the world? World Wildlife Fund researchers attached a GoPro camera to a sea turtle and captured
Republicans like McConnell love to talk about bureaucrats gumming up the works. But what they really want is to get government out of the business of protecting consumers and workers from unscrupulous corporations, too many of whom will take every chance they get to maximize profits without concern for the dangers those risks pose to the rest of us.
In case you have a teensy-weensy, itty-bitty wittle turtle that likes to adventure, and you don't always feel like keeping
-- Fair warning: Ferrara is a huge sports fan, and he's warned that the show will likely get more sports-flavored as the
It was also important to Ferrara that he was honest with himself about his goals. He also began exercising. "I don't think
Fact: The only thing that moves slower than a turtle is golf. So it makes perfect sense that announcers for the 2014 PGA
Animals love to ride Roombas, and a tortoise is basically like a living Roomba. Right? Whether they like it or not, these