If you only watch one Instagram baking tutorial all summer, make sure it’s this one.
Although Asian American women have entered the YouTube space, unfortunately only a narrow range of Asian American women (East and Southeast Asian, thin, attractive, etc.) are visible, considered beautiful, and achieve monetary success on YouTube and beyond.
Celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey reveals her foolproof trick.
I always love a good mid-week craft fix. Being creative is essential to my well-being, and having an arsenal of easy DIY's that don't take hours to plan and execute just makes me happy. When that crafty encounter also adds some loveliness and functionality to my home and decor, all the better! I created this easy striped ceramic tray in under 30 minutes and less than $15!
The Story I am Telling Today: The first step to telling a story is to know what the story actually is. Go figure. Just like
Remember when your children used to come up to you, give you an energetic poke in the thigh to get your attention, and point? We identified the object they were pointing at, named it for them, and sometimes even let them have it!
We're not really into knitting, but this blanket totally changed our minds. It is the softest, cuddliest, most amazing blanket, ever and we think you should start with this tutorial this weekend.
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Four new jump rope exercises you can do to spice up your workout routine.
If you haven't noticed, here at Brit + Co we always have pineapples on our mind. From pineapple cakes to pineapple DIYs, we just can't get enough of the tropical fruit.
Furze, who's gained a huge following due to such insane, brilliant inventions as a bike that runs on ice and a jet-powered Go-Kart, has now made what might be his most ingenious (or terrifying) invention yet.
By now, we're gonna guess you've seen our breakdown of the nine most essential makeup brushes you definitely should have in your makeup kits and use on the daily. But let's be real: There are several scenarios that could play out where you just don't have access to them.
You see, there are two widely used techniques -- applying in a line pattern or in a triangle pattern -- and according to our Twitter feeds, the former has seemed to go completely out of style.
A DIY project to give your sunglasses or glasses a nose to sit on forevermore. Style this project in a vanity area, bedroom, or entranceway!
It was previously painted an "eww" persimmon color, with no light fixtures, so we refreshed with 1920s-appropriate white -- Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White CC-20, to be exact -- and added an amazing, midcentury-inspired chandelier, contrasting sconces and all kinds of decor for a vintage, eclectic look that Tyler loves!
When my screenwriter friend, Tyler Savage, told me he just bought his first house in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles and wanted Joey and I to help him pull it together and decorate, I was thrilled! I love a blank canvas with vintage bones which is exactly what this 1920's Spanish style house satisfies