TV ad

A conservative group smeared the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as Big Brother.
Just about every girl remembers when she got her first period. Mom might’ve had a pack of tampons on hand but they definitely didn’t do this:
One of the biggest questions of the presidential election now, with not much more than a month to go, is whether Romney can
Watch the ad on outsourcing, "Come and Go," (the campaign has also put supporting research information on the Web for this
Mitt Romney's campaign released its second general election television ad Thursday. It is another iteration of what Romney
As a Christian, I'm sorry for the ad. If anyone was actually hurt, instead of just astounded by it, I and many other Christians are truly sorry. It doesn't reflect the Jesus I know and follow.
President Obama has failed to create a single net new job and has wreaked more havoc on the middle class than any president
The back and forth Monday night is a preview of what promises to be a bitter and intense fight between Obama and the Republican
A DLCC aide says that the ad will run in the Green Bay market, which includes Olsen's district, for about two weeks.ap The
The reason the McCain campaign is so worried is that the Olympics start in less than two weeks. The next big event after the Olympics? The Democratic National Convention.