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When I think about past friends who mocked my expectations over the years, I noticed a common thread between them, their lives remain stagnant. There's no growth because they don't push themselves or others around them, and they're not happy.
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No matter what situation is changing, don't get discouraged! It's uncomfortable, but great things never come from comfort zones. Embrace and welcome change. Consider it a blessing you needed but couldn't make happen on your own.
Beth Stern talks to Ricky about how declawing cats is inhumane.
In Allen Salkin's new book, From Scratch: Inside the Food Network, he describes Rachael Ray's rise to TV fame. What I love about his take on her, is that she is the perfect example of the overnight success, that was years in the making.
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Along this journey I have been helped every single step of the way. People have been filling the bike up with Gas, feeding me and opening up their homes from Las Vegas to Colorado.
Danish TV host Mikkel Kryger quite literally had steam coming out of his ears after boldly biting right into a very potent
For all the buzz about how much television news anchors earn these days--Matt Lauer recently made waves after reportedly
The highlight of the day was taking a soon to be married couple to their wedding. It was a special moment to have these two lovely and infectiously smiling people in the cab.
I was off to pick up a Panamanian family visiting Chicago for the first time. I drove them to the famous navy pier and had a rip roaring time.
Both girls loved their ice creams and their mother was thrilled that the Kindness Cab had battled through traffic to keep its promise of brightening a child's day.
My next few rides included a chap who used to work in the White House and gave it all up for a life of adventure, a hedge fund manager, a pharmacy student and, my favorite, a Bolivian soccer journalist.
Starting at Times Square, I will be travelling across America in a vintage London cab winding my way ultimately to the Hollywood sign. Along the route I will be picking up anyone who wants a free cab ride.
Leon Logothetis Be gentle. Be loving. Just Be. "We hate to have some people give us advice because we know how badly they