Al Roker was missing from the "Today" show Wednesday morning. That was because the co-host was undergoing surgery for his
A Fox News graphic about Obamacare enrollment levels looked just a bit off on Monday.
UPDATE: Ronan Farrow later showed the correct photo during his show and clarified, "We showed you a picture of the senator
People quickly went about correcting Fox News's chart for them: "That was our mistake," he said. "Correction noted." Hey
One couple found a way to make the Los Angeles Times a part of their engagement. The newspaper's staffers watched as a man
A local Mississippi news anchor thinks there are just too many goshdarn LGBT people on the news these days. Elliott later
Hoda Kotb talked about the mystery man she is dating on Monday's "Today." Visit for breaking news, world news
Journalists are speaking out again on behalf of the Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt in a new Youtube video. CNN's
Some suggested that he may have been referring to nonstop cable news coverage of missing Flight 370. But networks' overuse
Scott Davis, a senior editor at KPHO told Buzzfeed the statement was removed because it was "incomplete and not ready to
"I believe there's nothing you can do about it," Beckel said. After heated cross talk, Perino shouted, "That's baloney!" Fox
Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroom cloud following a nuclear blast. "Russia is the only country in the world that is
Not everyone is happy about Obama's move, Colbert pointed out on Thursday. He joked that some members of Congress are absolutely
"5.019 million people" watched the episode, he said. Harris told Huff Post Live's Marc Lamont Hill that "his full-on panic
"Michigan, you are amazing," Maddow added. "I continue to maintain that over the last few years, Michigan state government
"Right now, the ingredients are all there for the Republicans to have the year that they're looking for, which is win enough
"It is not often that you have a spit take moment when you're watching the news," the MSNBC host began on her show. She was
Musto told HuffPost Live on Monday that the mood at the paper is "dour," while Gawker reported that staffers were "devastated
"But a pedophile, as you know... is someone who has sex with children," O'Brien interjected, as Perkins continued to speak
Business Insider probably had it right when it called any Trump bid a "very expensive venture that will go nowhere." The