"Queer black characters have been the sidekick for long enough, it’s time for us to finally take the lead,” she writes.
Get Your Heart Broken. It is not the most pleasant experience in life. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. However, it is the
The reason everyone says your 20s are the best years is that most people create a safe and comfortable lifestyle before they
When you meet a stranger and your eyes lock across a crowded room, and every fiber of your heart and soul sings "Yes! Yes
But I started to shiver when I was looking at rings in the store. My friend who I was with took one look at me and quoted
What are the most difficult and useful things people have to learn in their 20s? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge
I'm so sorry. I mean, I am really sorry because, I honestly never really appreciated you. Not even a little bit. When I was in my twenties I had no comprehension of time or real life at all. Life seemed like it would last forever. They say youth is wasted on the youth, and I couldn't agree more. Haha.
  20. Our remote broke six months ago. Instead of buying a new one, we get up to change the channel...and complain about
Let's be honest: Very few of us graduate from college knowing exactly what job we want... And often -- even if we did have an idea in mind -- our first gig after graduation inevitably makes us question our career path.