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WASHINGTON (ABC7) — 7 On Your Side sat down with the man at the center of a sex abuse case that captured national attention
“I’m thinking, 'Oh shoot, they’re about to kill me.’”
Currently residing in Los Angeles, Jackie is a part of the EDM Renaissance that is emerging from the West Coast. She draws from an infinite well of inspiration by surrounding herself with otherworldly muses.
In the end, Eliot took home $26,000 from the wheel and more than $59,000 in cash and prizes overall, according to Uproxx
Robert Plant was in fine form closing out the stage at Saturday's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, with Phish jamming across the track for hours. From Led Zepplin classics to thoughtfully curated covers, he did not disappoint.
One has to indeed wonder if taking a selfie while you're twerking is even physically possible (at least, without the use of mirrors). I mean, is there a hashtag for #gotwerkyourself yet, out there in the Twittersphere? Or a fan base, for that matter?
Check out the entire U.S. list here. The most Googled person was... Miley Cyrus On Tuesday, Google released its annual "Zeitgeist
To be honest, I was over the charade of living the life my younger self had attained. I was overworked and I had grown tired
Miley Cyrus is a PR genius, someone who is using the there-in-an instant media landscape to make visual statements as potent as the performance or video works you'll see showcased in your local Modern Art emporium.