2015 had many special words, some new, like Lumbersexual and on fleek, others had enhanced meaning like Dark Web and Sharing Economy.
“I’m thinking, 'Oh shoot, they’re about to kill me.’”
Have you seen these women? DC Police need your help.
Kimmel gotcha again, America. You just don't know it yet.
Are my examples of this style diverse? Fashion and beauty media, this one is for you. Cornrows, box braids, bantu knots, saris, dashikis and everything else that is outside of white American culture aren't new or fresh simply because you finally recognized its existence.
"We white people can just unsee the violence that is done in our name. We don't have to look."
Together as electro-hop duo Double Duchess, David "davO" Richardson and Krylon Superstar have been performing live and making San Francisco partygoers sweat their butts off for years -- five at the very least. But this week marks the culmination of every drop of sweat they, themselves, have spilt on stage.