twerking video

The sloths are set to take over the world. Not bad going for an animal with a reputation for being lazy.
In early September, the Internet was introduced to Caitlin Heller (aka "Worst Twerk Fail Girl") through a seemingly candid
The Cap'n Crunch team reached out to us looking to settle the dust over the "controversy." We told them, "Only if you send Admiral Crunch himself to twerk on our office fridge."
Update -- 9/10/13: In a twist becoming more frequent in the digital era, Jimmy Kimmel has now revealed the video to be an
Who are these twerkers? Who knows? Who cares? We can't get enough of them. They're at your laundromat and in the produce
"I think I would be very good at it," Josie said. "I practiced the watoosie and I got very good at that." This year the Golden
Six seniors from California almost missed out on their high school graduation because of a twerking video gone viral. According
Dozens of students at a San Diego high school have been suspended for making a suggestive "twerking" dance video.