On David Lynch's birthday, ponder whether the "Twin Peaks" name had a secret meaning this whole time.
His cousin, George Clooney, paid tribute to the actor on Thursday.
Outspeak reads the news so you don't have to. We're good like that.
Watch David Lynch eat a donut next to someone holding coffee.
Finally, someone gets it right: a television show about dreams that feels genuinely dreamy.
This won't give viewers someone else to vote for at the polls, but it would give them someone else to watch as the results come in that night.
You were one of the first celebrities to get on board raising awareness for climate change and joined the campaign Global
JR: With all the diverse roles that you've done-- in commercials, TV series, movies-- was there a role that you just simply
Frequently, guests on my food tours ask why our city is named Seattle. The First People to inhabit this area were the Suquamish