two-state solution

“A balanced, inclusive approach to the conflict recognizes the shared desire for security and freedom of both peoples,” the Minnesota Democrat wrote.
President Trump met with King Abdullah II of Jordan to discuss a plan backed by Arab leaders pushing for Palestinian statehood.
Should President Trump fulfill his campaign promise to relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it would have major regional and international repercussions.
Various solutions are in the mix: One-state, two-state, three-state, no-state outcomes. Envisioning two Palestinian states rather than one might make good sense.
Seldom has an idea been pronounced dead recently more often than that of making peace between Israel and the Palestinians
Yet all the time, effort, and investment of the Paris gathering went into the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and not to Syria
2) The same was true in 2011, when the US did use its veto power to prevent a similar Security Resolution from passing, so
Israel is destroying Palestinian homes at a pace faster than we have seen before.
This came to mind as we learned about a "DeCal" student-led course being offered at the University of California, Berkeley
In this episode of Scheer Intelligence Robert sits down with journalism professor Sandy Tolan to discuss his new book about the creation of a music school for children in the West Bank.
The Pope speaks of the "globalization of indifference" and Bernie Sanders who recently visited the Vatican talks about a
An Israeli-Palestinian peace deal would inject a huge dose of stability into the Middle East as well as providing a compelling example of how it is possible to resolve even the toughest issues through negotiation rather than through violence and warfare.
If passed, the bill would reverse 20 years of U.S. policy.
He wouldn't commit to withdrawing from the West Bank within the next 20 years.