Congressman Hurd Loves To Talk About Being A CIA
The Department is refusing to accept consular IDs, a document it has accepted in the past, as a valid ID that would allow them to release birth certificates to the parents. Instead, the Department is asking undocumented parents to provide state issued driver's licenses, a privilege not afforded to undocumented Texans, or passports with valid visas.
It may be hard to believe, but plans are underway to power a conservative Texas community with 100% wind- and solar-powered electricity.
Austin is a creative, constantly evolving city. Everything you've heard about it is true. With vibrant entertainment and culture, inspiring cuisine and stunning outdoor settings, Austin lets you create a soundtrack all your own.
Meanwhile, the film's box office numbers in Portland, Seattle and Austin have been better than just about any documentary this year, making theaters around the world notice.
If a boy in FLDS shows any indication of wanting to think for himself, he is dumped outside of town by his parents and becomes a non-person, unable to contact his family.