Ty Cobb

Cobb, who represented Trump during his first impeachment, said he's "incapable of acting other than in his perceived self-interest, or for revenge."
He warned the GOP that Trump would be a "disaster" for the Republican Party.
That assessment pits Cobb against his former boss, President Donald Trump.
Many of the attorneys played key roles in the decisions to fire national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James Comey, Ty Cobb said.
"Late Show" host tears into Trump over latest White House hire.
One Twitter user suspects John Bolton's mustache told Ty Cobb's: 'There can be only one.'
Emmet T. Flood is slated to replace Cobb, who has led the White House's interactions with special counsel Robert Mueller's office.
Republican lawmakers have insisted that Trump let the special counsel to do his job.
When asked if he'd be willing to be interviewed for the probe, Trump was noncommittal.