Ty Pennington

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse and former "Extreme Makeover" host Ty Pennington join us to dish on their new cooking competition show "On the Menu," which premieres Oct. 3.
He might have built big houses on 'Extreme Home Makeover,' but now he thinks smaller is better.
The former host of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" sits down with Alyona to discuss his new home furnishings line and his series on HLN "American Journey." Here he shares some new trends in home design.
The new house was completed in December 2011, allowing the family to spend their first Christmas together in a more comfortable
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is coming back to ABC for four episodes this holiday season. The specials were first announced
Pennington: I like the idea of how it felt old-school… what is beautiful about this city is that you really don't see the
What are your tips for changing your environment? Add something fresh. You can get into a rut and you can add something fresh
Executive producer JD Roth has assembled an all-star team of experts from every field -- "Project Runway" mentor and style
Pennington fans need not worry, though, as he'll be kicking off his next gig three short days after the final "EM:HE" airs
But Pennington isn't going anywhere. The former "Trading Spaces" carpenter will move to ABC's daytime lifestyle show "The
The hourlong ABC special, airing 8 p.m. EST on Nov. 11, will focus on issues faced by veterans and highlight the skills they
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Beck has become a celebrity and the source of much personal conflict for me. On the one hand, he's a legitimate, 'out' ADHD role model. In addition, the condition seems to contribute heavily to his success.
The home-design expert featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, stopped by The Interview Show, to discuss his career, his design philosophy and what the show can do to improve its set.
With all the presidential advice Lucky received this past weekend from the above-mentioned, she is well on her way to being appointed White House Pet Correspondent to Bo Obama.
What is it about Oprah that makes women go wild? Especially women who are so different than the woman herself?
To find business leaders who've owned up to having ADHD, it's easiest to look at people who have already arrived in the winner's circle.
The show has been criticized as endemic of a culture of suburban excess and instant gratification.