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Put them together, and fake money could exacerbate real problems.
Balancing thought and action will always be a challenge for many people. When you spend too much time picturing what a project
The story of IBM's Deep Blue computer defeating world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997 has been told so many times that it's practically shorthand for the philosophical debate over man vs. machine.
Police have yet to reveal any motive in the attack, and GMU says that Pendleton wasn't known to Cowen or a student at the
I would be dissatisfied with a society in which middle-class and lower-middle-class earners have no chance to better themselves. In my opinion, the opportunity for self-improvement is a fundamental human right. What's more, it's not just those individuals who lose out. When social mobility denied to any group, society loses a vast talent pool filled with people who could make things better for everyone.
What we are seeing in liberal religious circles is not collapse but creative rethinking
Right now, 48.6 million Americans lack health insurance. The vast majority aren't freely choosing that insecurity. It's not that they don't want the peace-of-mind of insurance. It's that they can't afford it.
Likewise, tax policy in 1930s was clearly driven by distributional worries. "Great accumulations of wealth cannot be justified
The economics profession has been injected with enormous sums of money -- in the form of chairs, endowments, think tanks, advisory roles, consulting gigs, and God knows what else -- to push it further to the right.
It appears that the national conversation may be about to pivot from an almost obsessive concentration on big government and expense reduction to a concern for the well-being of the individual citizen and revenue generation.
We define "Creation Nation" as a country in which the private and public sector collaborate to develop and commercialize innovative products and services that create businesses or business opportunities that grow the economy and generate good-paying, value-added jobs.
"Even if online education tops out at 1% of the higher education market, and MRUniversity captures 1% of that 1%, they'll
There is no task that is more important to the future of the country. Trust-building must be job number one for those who love America and are committed to keeping it the greatest nation on earth.
The stagnation thesis is interesting; at the very least it forces us to revisit and question how we attempt to further exploit nature and how this process, innovation, really occurs. But to base it all on a feeling of disappointment, based on childhood fantasies, is a bit rich.
I think as individuals, people overrate the virtues of local food. Most of the energy consumption in our food system is not
How that would work escapes me, given that shareholders don't often deal with collateral like the fixed-income crowd. Arnold
Believe it or not, times are getting better. Some homebuilding picked up, but no fix emerged for the housing crisis. At least
And indeed, even if some of the restaurants on our list specialize in decidedly non-kosher food and others are a schlep to
Packer added that if the soon-to-be-formed bipartisan congressional super committee is unable to come to an agreement, "everything
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