Tyler Oakley

In "What Happened After Stonewall," the “Amazing Race” star and activist looks back on the "passionate revolutionaries" who fought for equality.
In a new Trevor Project campaign, the "Amazing Race" star and activist said being outed as gay to classmates left him feeling “helpless and alone.”
The queer activist captured the "mind-blowing" experience for his YouTube series.
The activist aims to carry on the "legacy of queer resistance" with his new series.
The Democratic VP nominee is embracing his “human sweater vest” reputation.
You may know Nyle DiMarco from America's Next Top Model, where he was the first-ever deaf contestant and winner of the show's
The fact that Tyler Oakley and Nyle DiMarco are spreading the word about this is so amazing. Like I mentioned earlier, I
"Girl, we are all killin' it!" Tyler said. "I'm so happy. Tonight is not about me or the tour or anything, tonight is about