Here’s how "typing" has affected the way they audition.
“We loved what you did, we just had a hard time seeing the character as an Asian.”
James Spader stopped by BUILD Series NYC to discuss The Blacklist, The Office, his iPhone, living in New York on a theatre
Typecasting is a familiar problem for actors. John Wayne and Christopher Walken are two famous examples. The problem has
From her role as an unruly prison inmate on "Orange Is The New Black" to her more recent portrayal of a kidnapped single
After spending multiple seasons watching your favorite television characters, it can be hard to disassociate the actor from
We continue typecasting by convincing ourselves that the problem isn't the type we're picking, but the people we're picking, which surely must qualify as an oxymoron. On some level we know we're automatically eliminating the vast majority of potential dates, but we stubbornly remain on our circular paths anyway.
It's official: Al Pacino will star in Brian De Palma's "Happy Valley" as the late Joe Paterno, one of the most divisive figures
Julia Stiles is the star of Blue, one of the series on the new Wigs channel, a new project led by renowned directors Jon