The talk show host zinged the Twitter-challenged leader on his latest gaffe.
Donald Trump's daughter toasted Johnson with a widely ridiculed Twitter typo.
The "Full Frontal" host ribbed the conservative network for trying "to do a journalism" in its coverage of the incidents.
The president's attempt to defend Brett Kavanaugh took an awkward turn.
Of course folks on Twitter picked the administration up on it.
An obvious phishing scam and a hasty email allowed hackers into campaign chair John Podesta's inbox.
"When Ryan and I started this company, we really wanted to make products for ourselves and people like us. People who live
(AP) — President Barack Obama used the unique power of the nation's highest office Tuesday to correct a typo.
Oklahoma's new ten commandments monument contains misspelling
First noticed by Facebook user Han Nguyen and shared over 400 times since Tuesday, Romney's stance on his "Gun Rights" page
A fellow writer's book just came out. I emailed my friend to congratulate her. I then had to ask: "Found any typos yet?"
Yesterday the Times' City Room blog reported that Brooklyn Brewery was rumored to be negotiating to open a beer hall in Phony
Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson traveled across the U.S. for two and a half months to find and correct typos in public signage
The book is being reprinted, but not recalled. Head of the publisher, Penguin Australia is quoted as saying "We're mortified
The Oxford English Dictionary got it wrong, and it took 99 years before anyone noticed. Siphons don't work, it turns out
Local news reports: The vote gap between Senate candidates Norm Coleman and Al Franken fluctuated throughout the day Thursday