"Never Use Futura" author Douglas Thomas thinks we need to have a more positive conversation about typefaces.
The artist famous for developing typefaces for Revlon and NYU was a legend in his field.
We're all about Florentine Regular, aka the "Frasier" font.
A SHOUTY typeface is not only annoying, but also dangerous.
An exhibition to celebrate this centenary is being held in a quiet East Sussex village where Johnston began to hand draw the first letterforms for the metropolitan underground System.
The majority of my own work has involved representing three dimensional buildings into two dimensional media. As a result
This typeface changes each time it's printed.
From a creative perspective, PowerPoint has some serious drawbacks as a brand and design tool. Even if you use a fresh typeface
Common Sans replaces the charged descriptor with something everyone can relate to.
The typefaces you select suggest a lot about your personality; each has a tone and voice and character all its own. The alphabet of each typeface has a distinctive architecture, one that communicates far more than just the basic meaning of words.