It's not age or education level that makes grammar police so picky; it's just their personalities.
It appears that making typos in your personal profile does not significantly harm the impression you make, unless you type your profile wearing ski gloves. One possible exception is if you hope to date a writer or editor, or someone as uptight about language use as I am, but who would want to do that?
-- In La Porte County, Ind., local Democrats are urging election officials to ensure that thousands of voters who had been
There's no "i" in "team," but there's definitely an "l" in "public." Ryan Petzar, a sports producer at Philly.com, tweeted
First noticed by Facebook user Han Nguyen and shared over 400 times since Tuesday, Romney's stance on his "Gun Rights" page
I am a communication purist, in that I believe the most important aspect of communication is understanding by the recipient, not precision in its delivery. However, you must ask yourself. How does a signature line serve me? It too is to provide communication. So be careful.
Let's just hope no one took their advice. Via Blame It on the Voices With Summer fast approaching, it makes sense that a
This post has been updated to include information about VisitBritain's campaign. And while JPMorgan doesn't want to pay the
About 6,500 students in four Methuen schools went home with new menus Tuesday, a day after the original one mistakenly listed
Well, Jenny here probably should have given her line the once-over before clicking "Post." Noticing that then/than slip-up
Authors who have massaged their book to perfection during the editorial and page proof stage may be dismayed to learn that the electronic version readers are purchasing and reading frequently represents an earlier effort.
Front page image: photo illustration based on Flickr photo by Katerha Typos are far from uncommon, especially with the growing
The word "taint," traditionally used to mean "a trace of bad," is also a slang term for a certain part of the male anatomy
Nothing crazy. Just enough to show this person you're looking forward to seeing them again soon. Whatever you do, make sure
Via Reddit Is it us, or did things just get PG-13 at this elementary school play? See if you can spot it. Redditor thebeefytaco
The year is 2345. The man: Don Krasin. Having just saved the planet from certain destruction by diffusing World War 11, he
Here are two images that will give Rupert Murdoch and Robert Thomson a good laugh: after Thursday evening's New York Times