tyrannosaurus rex

"We know next to nothing about sex-linked traits in extinct dinosaurs."
Rare footprints indicate a pace of just 3 to 5 miles per hour, but the dinosaur that made them wasn't in a hurry.
"Cannibalism seems to be surprisingly common in these guys."
A recently unearthed relative of the infamous T. rex shares features with its voracious cousin -- including small hands with
We should better appreciate our avian species and other wildlife diversity around us. We are learning more and more about the origins of our natural world and the interrelationships that collectively provide the essence of life on earth.
While romping dinosaurs might not fit neatly into our image of the prehistoric past, the same sort of disconnect can be said of some people's limited concepts of dogs' intelligence, cats' social nature, and crows' playfulness.
2. “Dinosaurs were cold blooded.” Dinosaurs may have been way speedier than you probably thought. Computer simulations suggest
How much do you know about dinosaurs? If you’re still relying on what teachers taught you in grade school and images in classic Hollywood films like 'Jurassic Park,' you just may have dinosaurs all wrong. Yes, the scientific understanding of dinosaurs - and dinosaur behavior - has changed drastically in recent years, from the way dinosaurs moved to how they thought to how they looked. HuffPost Science's Jacqueline Howard reports.
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In life, Qianzhousaurus would have measured up to 9 metres from nose to tail — not quite as big as a T. rex, and therefore