Tyshawn Lee

In his last breath, I wonder, did Tyshawn wonder why he was about to die? Or whether--if black lives really matter--why his assassins most likely looked like the family he saw soon after he first opened his eyes?
The shooting of Tyshawn Lee cast a spotlight on a spike in violent crime in Chicago.
Chicago Police Superintendent said that two other men are also suspected in Tyshawn Lee's murder.
Police questioned the suspect, 27, days after the boy's death. Now he's being charged.
This is an absolute mess of cultural and systemic proportions -- a mess churches and gangs used to be able to work together and prevent. Now, an institution that used to sit as a community's anchor is part of the cleanup crew.
The Chicago fourth-grader was lured into an alley and shot in the back and the face.
Call it Chiraq, Fifth City, Holy City, The Hole, K-town, Motown, The Circle, or L-Town, you will get the same version of events with different characters under the blue and white bars with four red stars that make up the symbol of this metropolis.
"A baby was assassinated right behind us in this alley... We have gone to a new low."