About 55,000 birds will be euthanized.
It's the first time this strain of bird flu has been found in Tennessee.
Last year, it was all about poultry: Major fast-food companies like McDonald’s announced that they would move away from chicken
A recent Iowa jury found that the company's wage theft amounted to 5.8 million dollars for 3,000 Iowa workers over just two years. This follows decades of cases, court orders and USDOL investigations finding that the company owed millions to its workers.
"He should be president of the United States."
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos got into the climate issue in their typically expansive way: By surveying the state of the Earth in an array of ancient periods and looking at the dramatic transformations it has undergone due to forces ranging from continental drift, to asteroid impacts, to ice ages.
While many procedures on factory farms are cruel, some practices like breeding animals into mutant-like parodies of their original species and violating mother/offspring bonds are truly crimes against nature.
Just in time for Christmas dinner, Consumer Reports published a report highlighting the danger posed by the high rate of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in U.S. poultry aisles.
For the talk, the celebrated astrophysicist will be joined by five members of the Association of Space Explorers' (ASE) Near