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John R. Tyson is accused of allegedly entering a stranger’s home and falling asleep on her bed.
The meatpacking giant's front-line workers will get a $200 bonus as a thank you for following the new rules.
The lawsuit is tied to an Iowa pork plant where more than 1,000 workers became sick and at least five died of the virus after being forced to report for work.
The company said 550 of the plant's 2,500 workers tested positive for the coronavirus.
The hair salon says too many employees at the local Tyson plant have been infected with the coronavirus.
OSHA’s general guidance plainly says the safety recommendations are advisory and “not a standard or regulation."
Rachel Maddow slammed Gov. Pete Ricketts for failing to reveal what's going on at plants where COVID-19 cases are exploding.
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Yet Republican lawmakers are pushing to indemnify businesses as workers too frightened to risk their lives face the loss of unemployment benefits.
The order applies to Tyson and other companies that are struggling to operate amid the coronavirus crisis.